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Spine Surgery London

The London Neurosurgery Partnership is a team of spinal specialists working together to deliver world class care to patients with spine symptoms and conditions. The consultants work together in both the NHS, at King's College Hospital, and privately at the London Neurosurgery Partnership making them a truly unique partnership.

Each consultant is globally recognised as a super-specialist in their given area of expertise.

The London Neurosurgery Partnership ensures patients are matched to the consultant best placed to deliver state of the art care.

The collaborative nature of the London Neurosurgery Partnership means that the group offer world class care in all specialities of spinal conditions from back pain and sciatica to complex spinal fractures and spinal tumours.

Globally recognised super specialists
  • The group cover all areas of spinal surgery. Each consultant is globally recognised as a super-specialist in their field of spinal surgery.
Multidisciplinary team approach
  • We offer our patients a holistic approach to their treatment (both surgical and non-surgical) with the pathway that is right for them.
All specialities of spine surgery
  • Each consultant has a wealth of spinal and neurosurgical experience with sub-specialisation to their given area of expertise.
Unique collaborative partnership
  • The London Neurosurgery Partnership group offers world class care in all specialities of spine surgery from back pain to complex spinal fractures.

A team of spine specialists

Working closely together as a true team, with experts in both surgical and non-surgical management of back pain and other spinal conditions. 

With advancements in both surgical techniques and medical technology our spine surgeons are able to correct and treat many spinal conditions such as back pain, sciatica and neck pain.

Suffering from back pain?

We can help. Speak to our specialists today.

80 - 90% of the population will experience back pain in their life

Back pain can range from fairly mild to excruciating and debilitating.

Struggling with your sciatica?

Appointments available within 24 hours.

Sciatica is one of the most common types of pain

As many as 40% of people will suffer with sciatica during their life, and it becomes more frequent as you age.

Niggling neck pain?

Multiple locations across London and Kent.

Neck pain is very common across all ages, and it's on the rise

Neck pain can be often linked to a simple cause like the straining of neck muscles or, less commonly, could be a symptom of an underlying problem.

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We have over 20 clinic locations across London and Kent with appointments available within 24 hours.


Our phone lines are open 8am - 6pm Monday to Friday.

Would you like to find out more about the world of spine surgery?

Check out our blog to stay up to date with The London Neurosurgery Partnership and the range of spinal conditions we cover.